ATS Freeway is committed to supporting and providing all the necessary tools to our team of highly experienced and courteous professional owner operators in their continuous efforts to deliver outstanding time-sensitive transportation services to our customers. We strive to provide rewarding yet fun careers to our owner operators. 


Our “Owner Operators Only” vision, combined with our choice to use state of the art technology and fine tuning of our operation through constant innovation have resulted in a company that is beautifully tailored around the Owner Operator.

One of the best trucking companies which serves the 48 Continental United States.

When we created and decided to develop this concept we had in mind the “wrap-around-driver dashboard” idea which is found today in each of the hundreds of thousands of 18 wheelers that gracefully cruise the North American continent from one coast to another.

After tens of years of industry improvements and innovation, today, while in the driver’s seat, the owner operator has at his/her fingertips all the necessary commands and tools to safely and professionally drive the 40 ton impressive piece of equipment through any kind of road, weather or traffic conditions while caring for the environment as well.

Starting with the end result in mind, ATS Freeway is trying to be an industry partner for the Owner Operators and provide them with all the necessary tools to successfully drive not only their trucks, but their entire careers.

This family and teamwork oriented approach allows our people to articulate their skills, grow happier, be more productive and, essentially, take more value and joy to their families

“Our people are driven by respect for each other and passion for a job well done, while all of our trucks are powered by promises kept and Diesel!”

As a conclusion, just like the truck manufacturer has built the equipment around the driver, we have built a whole company around the Owner Operator.

If you are interested in joining our happy and growing family of Owner Operators, please do so through the “JOIN US” section

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