If you think that being involved in the trucking industry means that freedom will be with you every day, you should think twice. Do you need some truck driving tips? Yes, freedom is associated with trucking, but we are not talking about that type of freedom that you are used to. Let`s stay focused and remember that you are going to work too.

Most of us did not join this domain with years of experience. Most of the jobs we are used to are building a balanced personality and usually, you have to follow a schedule and respect some rules like: where to be when to be, and what to do.

As I told you at the beginning of this article, the freedom of being a trucker requires some management and adjustments. Maybe it looks simple, but most of us do not know how to manage a job where the entire time-management is our responsibility. Almost nobody ever had so much freedom, and it might look simple, but it is not. We are going to give you some advice 

A lot of time to manage – Truck driving tips

You would be surprised to find out how many things can happen that can make you lose a lot of time, especially if you are a beginner. Let me tell you a story about one of my friends who started this job a few years ago. He began with so much enthusiasm and confidence, but he would get to the 13th hour of on-duty and started to wonder what happened and why is this happening.

He began to document all of the things that cost time. Some examples: Getting lost on the road, wrong turns, getting lost two times, trying to enter the wrong side of the store, PTA`s during the day, and many many more. These things add up and listing them might help you manage your time better.

GPS can be helpful, but cannot be trusted

A common issue is to find the right place to enter the store docks. A GPS can only help you find the place to be, and this is just one problem. If you want to check and see if your GPS is accurate, pre-check it the routes between stops also by using features like look-ahead. 98% of the time, the GPS will work fine, but in case of a 2% failure chance, you do not want to take a wrong turn and add 300 miles to your route.

Try to avoid surprises as much as possible – Truck driving tips

Before you jump at the wheel, try to speculate what could go wrong, and in case of something like that, are you prepared? You should understand where are you going and be prepared for what can show up at the shipper or receiver dock. Never rely on your GPS and be prepared for the unknown.

Try to imagine where you should do turns and predict anything. If it helps, try to use the Trucker`s Road Atlas and write down on sticky notes, what might be essential to remember.

Try to be safe on the road and keep in mind that freedom is not as easy to manage as it seems. Also, if you want to read more about Road Safety, check out thi article.