After many inspections and accidents that happen all the time, it is a fact that beginners have a bigger chance to get involved in accidents. But, it does not mean that if you are an experienced truck driver, you cannot make an accident. The more experienced you are, the more risks you take.

Do accidents happen while driving?

The chances are you might be involved in an accident while you are driving. As expected, most of the accidents committed by beginners are related to parking areas manoeuvres or backing. More than that, most of the accidents committed by beginners are produced because of moving violations and high speeds. Most of the rollovers, jack knifes or collisions are done by truckers with six months to two years experience.

Like we said before, the more experienced a driver is, the more likely he is to have an accident, but how is this possible?

Why is there no difference between the experienced drivers and beginners? From our perspective, the chances to get involved in an accident are the same; therefore, you should always be vigilent on the road. Why is that? Well, new drivers are still too conscious, but they are also so strained, and they are more likely to make mistakes. Beginners will never talk on the phone while driving, they will not adjust the radio, and they do not eat while driving. They are still learning the basics.

At the same time, experienced drivers are more relaxed, and they are easily distracted and also likely to get involved in inevitable accidents because they tend not to focus so much. Also, they can avoid accidents using the experience they gained over the years.

Accidents when backing

This is also a fact where we can sustain the theory according to which beginners are more likely to provoke backing accidents. Experienced drivers tend to get out of their cabin to check the angles. A beginner would never have the knowledge to do this, and they will keep backing praying to nail it first try. If you are a beginner and you want to learn how to back, try to practice as much as possible. 

Maybe when you have a break, and you have nothing better to do, try and do some backings because with every backing you will get better.

Experience brings danger

This is what happens when you become overconfident. This will lead to a significant accident later. After you hit six months of active trucking, you will start to master the backing manoeuvres and the time management is more comfortable. After this initiation period, the truck driver will build a sort of relationship with the dispatch, you will learn the interstate system, and he will also develop a list of favourite truck stops or break parking spots.

Experience comes with confidence, but confidence is distributed dangerously. You have more confidence, and you start to talk on the phone, eat while driving, read the news, and so on. This is the moment when the whole driving process becomes dangerous. You can drive well, but you are also easily distracted. This is why you should stay focused and be conscious of your surroundings. Be safe!