We specialize in over the road trucking with services ranging from general freight to

temperature controlled, time sensitive shipments or specialized

and over-dimensional.

We also offer Less than Truck Load (LTL Trucking) services for customers

that ship products in smaller batches.

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owner operator companies

We try to keep our way of doing business very simple and straightforward for the beneficiary, sometimes as simple as One, Two, Three:

1. You, the customer, give us the when, the where and the weight and we will give you a quote.

2. You leave it to us, we will let you know when it’s done.

3. You check it “Completed”.


In today’s extremely dynamic economy we understand that our customers outsource their transportation services for the simple reason that most of the time they do not want to deal with the costs associated with the ownership, operation, maintenance of heavy trucks and other aspects of the transportation business. They would rather keep doing what they do best.

Therefore, carefully trying to analyze, understand and fulfill our customers’ needs, through validated learning, we constantly strive to provide them with an interface-like system through which they would submit requests and receive end result-guided service, as a finished product.

Our business idea embraces a lean operation model and processes that are constantly being honed and streamlined.

All the legwork and heavy lifting are being done in the background, while keeping a transparent approach towards the customers. We aspire to provide them with an experience that is one step closer to excellence.

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