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Solo trucking makes you feel nervous?

If you just finished your training and the last couple of months were not so enjoyable maybe you would want to read this article to the end. You`ve been feeling frustrated about solo trucking? Are you tired of working with someone and share the truck? We know for sure that those moments can make you crave for some loneliness and wanting to mount on your truck and start making mistakes without someone being near you telling you what to do.

So now it is your turn to leave the nest, but all that freedom and responsibility are overwhelming? Do you still wonder how a company can give you a 200.000 dollars truck to do whatever you want with it? You just finished your training, and it is tough for you, even to back it up. You do not know how the engine works when to downshift, or even routes confuse you.

It is normal not to feel ready for solo trucking.

If that description represents you, let me tell you that you are not alone. Most beginners still need help even after they receive a truck. Some might say that in this period, you learn the most things. You can ask people to help you with backing. Maybe ask for someone to borrow their truck so you can practice a couple of hours. So that you can be ready for your first load.

Always be positive while navigating.

Being a trucker means that you are navigating through a lot of roads. Some are dark, some of the signs are not so precise, and it is normal to make wrong turns. Sometimes, the indications that your company gives you can be confusing. All you have to do is stay positive and remember that a wrong turn will help you learn how not to make a wrong turn when the time does not help you.

Driving at night can be a very dangerous practice, so if you are a beginner, try and avoid doing this. Do not take unnecessary risks because finding your way in the dark can be dangerous, and you can end up losing a lot of time and fuel. Our advice is always to take the easiest and least dangerous roads, try to park in places where you have space and sight. If a street looks narrow, to not turn there and if you have any doubts about anything, listen to your instincts.

One more thing about the backing. Maybe you are in a position when you think that backing is a big problem. Let me tell you that one of my friends managed to drive forward and suffered a lot. After he went out of a washing station, he did a wrong turn. Before he can realize, many cars started coming towards him because he was going the wrong way. He had to turn into a car parking lot to avoid a collision. Because of its mistake, he lost 45 more minutes to figure out how to get out of there.

Next time you feel stressed out, remember that mistakes are your trainers.

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Road Safety: How can you be safe on the road?

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to our jobs. We call ourselves truckers, but we are also humans, and we have to stay away from events or even people that might hurt us or our existence. If you are aware that you can be in danger, we are writing this article to help you understand that it is elementary to avoid some risks. We have prepared some tips for you which you may have already heard, but we think that it is our responsibility to remind you that road safety is the secret to a good trucker life.

Be careful where you stop at night – Road Safety.

Before you think about where you should stop at night, please take into consideration that this is imperative for safe driving. We know that at night, it is easier to drive and you can make your deliveries faster, but night means sleep and you should not lose good sleeping hours.

Parking in the right spot is the most important thing you have to consider when stopping at night. Many of us are having a hard time finding the right spot to sleep because there are not so many quiet places out there, and if you find it, you have to be safe too.

We advise you to stop near other truckers that are in the same situation as you are. Stop where somebody else is trying to sleep. They will be silent, and you will not be alone. The less noise around you means you will be able to sleep better. 

Your truck should be safer.

We are not telling you to have weapons or any other objects that can cause wounds to any person, but you can always have a Pepper spray around you to increase Road Safety. It is very efficient in extreme situations, and it is not causing long-term harm to anyone. At the end of the day, regardless of the defensive mechanism you choose, make sure you know how to use it. 

Make sure you do not violate the laws in your country or state. Another thing you should consider is how you are parking your truck. We encourage you to choose Pull-Through parking spots. It will help you reduce the time you need to pull out of the rest area in case of an emergency situation.

You can use some apps to locate safe parking spots, be a good trucker neighbour and stay safe as much as possible.

Always be aware of your surroundings. – Road Safety

Those of you who are using ATM`s for money withdrawals. Make sure that nobody is following you when you do such transactions. In case of an emergency situation, you should always have a charged cell phone with you any time you leave your rig, even if you are just checking your load.

More than just being safe for yourself, you should help others and report any suspicious activity, you witness. Last but not least, scan the area before you get out of your truck. If you see signs of suspicious activity, do not take any risks.

We want to help you achieve a good career. Stay safe, be a good person and professionally do your job.

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Owner Operators Only. A different approach

In today’s extremely competitive economic environment, trucking is a very dynamic and also important business, as the supply chain costs are reflected in almost every product we spend our money on. Substandard transportation services could, indirectly, cause transportation companies to spend more money just to stay in business. If the trucking company has owner operators, that could mean higher costs for the Owner Operator through more expensive services provided to the latter by the company.

Professional drivers are needed everywhere. We strongly believe that there’s a difference, however, between a COMMERCIAL driver and a PROFESSIONAL one. “C” in CDL stands for Commercial, but there’s no place on the CDL where it says if the driver is professional or not. Although it is not on the CDL, it might be linked to it.

One: A driver that constantly maintains his truck, takes care of it, keeps it clean, in proper working condition, regardless of the truck’s age could be considered usually a responsible driver. He doesn’t fix problems, he prevents them through preventive maintenance.

Two: There’s the MVR which is also part of the driver’s business card, which mainly reflects the moving violations in the last few years. Speeding, improper lane changes and seat belt tickets do not look good there. The least, the better, obviously. This Motor Vehicle Record is provided by the CDL holder’s home state DMV, BMV, Secretary of State, etc.

Three: The PSP report is provided by the US Department of Transportation and contains information about all DOT roadside inspections for the previous 24 months. This report shows all violations ranging from an inoperable semi-trailer license plate bulb, to texting while operating a semi-truck, to speeding in construction zones, not writing the BoL number on the logbook, driving over the hours and so on. The FMCSA lists all the possible violations on some tens of pages in their CSA methodology, which we also revisit periodically. The PSP report will also show the authority and USDOT number of the company the driver was operating under, at the time of the inspection. Having listed 5 different companies in 14 months, for example, on this report do not help either.

Four: The DAC Report is a report pulled from a nationwide database where information is added by almost all major motor carriers. Here is the place where a company would report if a driver tested positive for a drug or alcohol test, or has abandoned their truck, etc.

Five: Proper communication and timely paperwork submission are the things that are deemed priceless. Once hired, these aspects consolidate the relationship with the company and create a smooth workflow. Owner Operators that possess these skills are extremely appreciated universally.


These five aspects are the driver’s business card. The first four, in good standing, will show that the driver is a safe operator and will guarantee the Owner Operator a job in any company of his choice. He would just pick. The fifth one will guarantee that his voice will be heard in any company he will work for, given the company is wisely managed by smart enough people to appreciate someone who has educated himself and understands the rules of the game.

Us personally being former owner operators, we strongly believe that when an owner operator is professional enough and understands the above aspects and performs accordingly, he positions himself in a situation where no company can afford to lose him. That is when he actually reaps the true benefits of becoming an owner operator and educating himself in order to put value in the services he is providing. Cutting corners by skipping these aspects will not help establish a good business relationship which, in fact, is what the owner operator is doing, he is building a relationship with a business partner. He is outsourcing certain services to the motor carrier, so he doesn’t have to worry about them. About these in one of the future postings.

It’s not only about taking it from point A to point B, it really matters how you do it and you really need to relax and have some fun!.

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