Usually, a rookie would go ahead with a very optimistic attitude and such a workaholic behaviour. This happens because they want to feel that freedom given by the open road and prove that they can also be full-time truckers. Unfortunate for them, because this hype can very easily lead to accidents or some wasted time.

All these rookies have to learn that anything takes time to master, especially when it comes to parking lots, area surveillance, and of course, backing, parking or turning. Most of the drivers would use Google Earth to get some images about the truck stop they are about to encounter, hotels or loading docks. The more concentrated you are and the more you know when to slow down you will earn more money and have fewer incidents.

Do not take risks at truck stops.

Probably, one of the most dangerous places for a truck driver is the truck stop. One thing is sure; he will go slow because he is scared and will try to find comfortable spaces to park.

Most of the parking or rest areas were designed decades ago for shorter trailers. Because of this, the backing process or pulling out can be complicated. We advise you to make a list of rest areas, Walmarts or truck stops that are easy for you to park at, and a list that you might think is the most difficult to manage. You can use Google maps or Trucker Path to do this.

Better slow down and pay more attention to the environment around you

Stop being in a permanent rush and take everything very serious, even if you have to do some paperwork. You never know when you can grab the wrong trailer, and you have to go back 200 miles. Because you are so excited, you may drive into a fuel pump or leave without closing the trailer.

The speed can always be reduced.

If you think that driving faster means that you will make more money, we are going to tell you that this is a wrong statement. If you arrive with 30 minutes early and you had a rough session of driving, what you did was only take risks and earning the same amount you did yesterday. We know that you want to drive at a higher speed because it is something that every man will do, but you do not have to do this at work.

Controlling a small car at high speed is easy compared to a 72 foot long, 80 thousand pound beast. The same rule will apply if we are talking about downhills, where you have to take control of your truck. You must learn how to downshift quickly, even at a higher speed.