Any trucker that just ended their training or CDL has been through some emotions and various heart rates. Before you even jump in your first truck cabin, you are nervous, and you might feel some fear, which is understandable considering what actions are required in this industry

If you would go and listen to the discussion that takes place in the terminals, you would hear only students talking about truck models, and how they are hoping to get an excellent trainer. When a student like this finds himself for the first time at the wheel of a heavy truck, it is reasonable to feel some fear.

A new career is a significant stake

You should try and understand that the fear is not coming from the fact that you might not learn how to drive a truck. There are hundreds of thousands of people from anywhere in the world, and everyone can learn how to drive a truck. The fear comes from a deeper place in your mind. It is your fear of the unknown that is your biggest obstacle.

Yes, in the year we are living, everyone wants to learn things fast, but nobody takes time to meditate about the time it takes to learn something and do it correctly. If you want to learn how to downshift in a manual transmission, be ready to practice for two whole months and up to six months to back the trailer.

In trucking, be ready for frequent changes.

One thing is certain in the trucking industry; you will never be ready for everything. Something will always show up and put you in uncomfortable situations. Let`s assume that you have more than 10, and backing is no longer a problem, trip planning works like a charm and time management is something you handle without any concerns. 

Now is the time to become a trainer, which is a whole new experience. Being a trainer might force you to hop up in a new truck more often. It can happen to be placed in a new generation truck with more gadgets and even with push-button gears and gearshift want on the steering wheel. The ten years of experience feels like nothing when you start driving a brand new truck. 

How to manage your fears

The first step in conquering you fear to identify them. We advise you to make a plan and gather as much information as you can because fear is only in your head, and the solution is closer than you would think. If you are afraid of winter driving or mountain ranges, attend training during winter months and request a trainer willing to teach you in those regions.

Recognize that you are not alone and manage your fears by being intelligent and efficient.